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Migrasi Manusia dan Peningkatan Inteligensi

Human Migration and Racial Origins

For more on the DNA of the migration, see the Cambridge University slides at 130,000 BC "Eve" the first modern human is born in South Africa
70,000 BC new human types (the modern Negro race) repopulate Africa, replacing all but a few of the older Bushmen and West Pygmies.
60,000 BC a small group of the new type migrate out of Africa into southern Arabia. It is believed that this migration consisted of a single band of hunter-gatherers, probably just a few hundred people strong. Many soon move on a southern route to India, Southeast Asia and Australia (becoming Australian aborigines, New Guineans, and part of the mix of South Indians). They must have had raft/ boat building skills to cross the Red Sea and the gulf between Bali and Australia.
50,000 BC a split in the initial migration takes a slower, second route north into central Asia. They develop lighter skins to allow the limited sun to help with vitamin D absorption. The challenges of an environment harsher than in Africa or southeast Asia may have selected out those with lower IQ's. Their mixed race features can still be seen in areas like Kazakhstan.
30,000 BC ice age warming leads to further migration splits from central Asia into Europe and northeast Asia. They become the Caucasian (Cro-Magnon) and Mongoloid races. Neanderthals die out.
25,000 BC ice age cold provides a bridge from Siberia to Alaska for small groups of migrants, who then populate the Americas. 13,000 BC: Eskimos/ Aleuts migrate by boat to Alaska and northern Canada
9000 BC Indo-Europeans from central Asia move into central Europe and Southwest Asia, bringing animals and new agriculture. (Basque and Finnish languages are likely holdovers from the original Europeans.)
Later human developments (with examples)

8000 to 3000 BC Defensive Towns (Jerico)
3000 to 30 BC Cultural Nations (Egypt from Menes to Cleopatra)
30 BC to 1830 AD Empires (Rome > Byzantium > Ottoman)
1830 AD to present Technology era (railroads > autos > computers)
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