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Mother Teresa dan Ketidakjujuran Penanganan Uang Sumbangan

"India has noreason to be grateful to Mother Teresa"  
President of Rationalist International

 "India, especially Calcutta, is seen as the main beneficiary ofMother Teresa's legendary 'good work' for the poor that made her the mostfamous Catholic of our times, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and a living saint.Evaluating what she has actually done here, I think, India has no reason tobe grateful to her", said Sanal Edamaruku, Secretary General of theIndian Rationalist Association and President of Rationalist International in astatement on the occasion of her beatification today. The statement continues:
MotherTeresa has given a bad name to Calcutta,painting the beautiful, interesting, lively and culturally rich Indianmetropolis in the colors of dirt, misery, hopelessness and death. Styled intothe big gutter, it became the famous backdrop for her very special charitablework. Her order is only one among more than 200 charitable organizations, whichtry to help the slum-dwellers of Calcuttato build a better future. It is locally not very visible or active. But tallclaims like the absolutely baseless story of her slum school for 5000 childrenhave brought enormous international publicity to her institutions. And enormousdonations! 
MotherTeresa has collected many, many millions (some say: billions) of Dollars in thename of India'spaupers (and many, many more in the name of paupers in the other"gutters" of the world). Where did all this money go? It is surelynot used to improve the lot of those, for whom it was meant. The nuns wouldhand out some bowls of soup to them and offer shelter and care to some of thesick and suffering. The richest order in the world is not very generous, as itwants to teach them the charm of poverty. "The suffering of the poor issomething very beautiful and the world is being very much helped by thenobility of this example of misery and suffering," said Mother Teresa. Dowe have to be grateful for this lecture of an eccentricbillionaire?  
Thelegend of her Homes for the Dying has moved the world to tears. Reality,however, is scandalous: In the overcrowded and primitive little homes, manypatients have to share a bed with others. Though there are many suffering fromtuberculosis, AIDS and other highly infectious illnesses, hygiene is noconcern. The patients are treated with good words and insufficient (sometimesoutdated) medicines, applied with old needles, washed in lukewarm water. Onecan hear the screams of people having maggots tweezered from their open woundswithout pain relief. On principle, strong painkillers are even in hard casesnot given. According to Mother Teresa's bizarre philosophy, it is "themost beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings ofChrist". Once she tried to comfort a screaming sufferer: "You aresuffering, that means Jesus is kissing you!" The man got furious and screamedback: "Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing." 
WhenMother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Price, she used the opportunity of herworldwide telecast speech in Osloto declare abortion the greatest evil in the world and to launch a fiery callagainst population control. Her charitable work, she admitted, was only part ofher big fight against abortion and population control. This fundamentalistposition is a slap in the face of India and other Third WorldCountries, where population control is one of the main keys for development andprogress and social transformation. Do we have to be grateful to Mother Teresafor leading this worldwide propagandist fight against us with the money shecollected in our name? 
MotherTeresa did not serve the poor in Calcutta,she served the rich in the West. She helped them to overcome their badconscience by taking billions of Dollars from them. Some of her donors weredictators and criminals, who tried to white wash their dirty vests. MotherTeresa revered them for a price. Most of her supporters, however, were honestpeople with good intentions and a warm heart, who fall for the illusion thatthe "Saint of the Gutter" was there to wipe away all tears and endall misery and undo all injustice in the world. Those in love with an illusionoften refuse to see reality.

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