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Sebuah Rangkuman Rabbi Bagaimana Yahudi Mempersiapkan Ras Unggulan

Sebuah rangkuman dari Rabbi tentang bagaimana Yahudi mempersiapkan Ras Unggulan. Disertai kutipan dari Talmud dan Sejarah. Sebuah buku wajib bagi siapa yang ingin sukses, sehat badan, intelijent, bersih jasmani. >> Donlot Gratis <<
Cover of: Jewish eugenics by Max Reichler
I. Jewish Eugenics 7
II. The Defective in Jewish Law and
Literature 23
III. Capital Punishment Among the Jews . 53
Who knows the cause of Israel's survival? Whydid the Jew survive the onslaughts of Time, when others, numerically and politically stronger, succumbed? Obedience to the Law of Life, declares the modern student of eugenics, was the saving quality which rendered the Jewish race immune from disease and destruction. "The Jews, ancient and modern," says Dr. Stanton Coit, "have always understood the science of eugenics, and have governed themselves in accordance with it; hence the preservation of the Jewish race."

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