Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

A person tells a lot through his nose

Beginning at the top between the eyes represents age zero, and following down to the nostrils represents the end of the lifespan. Look for markings on the nose, to tell at which age significant matters happen.

The Persons' Ego is represented by the nose, and bridges a persons' higher and lower self. I guess this is especially true if their Ego.

(self image ) caused them to get a "nose job". However; these descriptions refer to the "natural nose".

The size of the nose represents the resourcefulness of the individual; the larger the more resourceful, the the smaller; indicating more dependance on others.

A Short nose: belongs to someone who is generally happy.

A Small nose: belongs to someone who is quiet.

If the person has a small upturned nose, the self image is usually frail, but strengthens with age, this snub nose indicates amiability, but also a weakness of purpose.

A turned up nose: signals tenacity, sometimes to the extent of disregard for others.

A turned down nose: shows a person who is meticulous & often conservative.

A Wide nose: belongs to a generally careless person.

A Large nose: belongs to someone who is open-minded, and assertive.

A Thin pointed nose: shows a jealous nature & someone shows someone generally easily irritated.

A Long nose: belongs to someone who is careful & shows perseverance and social concern.

Large nostrils shaw strong character and reliability.

Flesh around the nostrils represents the subconscious.

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